Sirdar Hayfield Bonus DK – 100g




Sirdar Hayfield Bonus DK is an incredibly popular 100% acrylic double knit yarn, available in a fantastic range of different colours, leaving you almost spoilt for choice!

Even with its budget price, Sirdar Hayfield Bonus DK is one of the best acrylic yarns available, and is softer and less scratchy than most. Popular for both crochet and knitting projects, Sirdar Hayfield Bonus DK knits to a standard double knit tension, and is machine washable.

We stock every colour of Hayfield Bonus DK that Sirdar produce, so if we don’t have it, it’s more than likely because Sirdar have stopped making it! If you can’t find the exact combination of colours you’re looking for, then consider mixing it with colours from the Stylecraft Special DK range. The two yarns are incredibly similar, and our owner has successfully mixed the two ranges on numerous projects

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Weight 130 g