Pony Classic Crochet Hooks


Brand Name: Pony
Discipline: Crochet
Needle Type: Crochet Hooks Single End
Material Type: Metal / Plastic
Material Detail: Aluminium / Plastic
Colour: Grey
Length: 15 – 20cm (Length depends on diameter)

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These grey plastic/aluminium hooks from Pony’s Classic collection cover a huge range of sizes, ensuring that you have the right hook for every project you can imagine. Great design, great materials, and great prices are all combined to make it easy for you to create a truly comprehensive hook selection.

Plastic for the larger sizes (5.50mm – 20.00mm), and aluminium for the smaller sizes (2.00mm – 5.00mm) – whatever the material, Pony’s Classic Crochet Hooks are designed to be sturdy, versatile, and easy to use. With a smooth surface for faster crochet work, and a gently tapered tip that prevents your yarn from snagging, these hooks also have a beautifully rounded handle end to sit gently in your hand, giving you hours of comfortable crochet.


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