Knit Pro Waves Soft Grip Crochet Hook Set – Green


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A set of the most commonly used Knit Pro Waves soft grip crochet hooks, all neatly packed in a fluorescent green faux leather case with a transparent vinyl window. The set contains the following sizes of hooks:

  • 2.00mm
  • 2.50mm
  • 3.00mm
  • 3.50mm
  • 4.00mm
  • 4.50mm
  • 5.00mm
  • 5.50mm
  • 6.00mm

Knit Pro Waves crochet hooks are a range of single ended aluminium hooks with sturdy yet soft grips, ergonomically shaped to provide maximum comfort during your crocheting.

The main shaft is aluminium, with a smooth anodised finish, and the grip of each hook is colour coded, for quick and easy identification.

Also available as single crochet hooks in sizes 2mm to 12mm.

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