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Sirdar Happy Chenille Mermaid – Simply Crochet

Sirdar Happy Chenille - Mermaid - Simply Crochet issue 97

Have you seen the pattern in the latest issue of Simply Crochet for Sirdar’s Happy Chenille Mermaid?

She stands at almost 12 inches tall and is soft and cuddly and here at Wool and Crafts we are currently working on making her to have as a display item in the shop (that is unless my daughter sneaks her home). The pattern is easy to follow and once you get into your stride quick to make up, and the one thing to say is that the Happy Chenille is incredibly soft as you work with it. As the mermaid is crocheted using the amigurumi technique, for those that maybe looking to make something for the first time using this technique, stitch markers are a must as each round is worked in a continuous spiral so there is no obvious start and end to each round. We have a selection of these which can be found here.

We have created a yarn pack for you which can be found here. This yarn pack contains all the yarn needed to make the mermaid as per the pattern and gives you a discount on purchasing the colours individually. Additionally you will also need toy stuffing to finish the project.

Sirdar’s Happy Chenille range has 25 colours meaning you can make a whole school of mermaids, each one as individual as the last, change the hair colour, tail colour, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.